a chess program by

Mark Uniacke
Mark Uniacke hypnotizes Frans Morsch to lose against HIARCS.
WCCC1993, munich
old advertisment of
my computer-chess department Schachcomputerwelt
in CSS 6/93 saying:
"We knew who would win!"
"Father and Son", ... but 3 years later!
Aegon-tournament 1996 in the hague, netherland.
Mark is teaching his son chess.
Generation shift for ...
the proud world computer chess champion 1993
Mark Uniacke
...the new programmer generation:
Mark explains the young new programmer which moves were wrong.
The son has no problems to understand.
Impressions from munich: Mark and his father have to play against the Mephisto wonder-machine with Genius inside. Tough game.
the position was difficult. David Levy sits next
to Marks father to find a way...
Hiarcs is doing an attack against Genius kingside. Mark worried ?!
"Zeit" newsmagazin reporter interviews the new champ Mark Uniacke, his father watches and listens everything carefully and proud.
Computer Schach und Spiele team at work.
Frederic Friedel on the left, Dieter Steinwender
on the right. Standing behind Jens Schmidt-Wilke
"Father and son" in munich 1993.
Mark is not satisfied with the position anymore.
the final ranking:

Hiarcs got 7.5 out of 9, and is 1/2 point better than The King, following with 7.

Genius2 and Nimzo-Guernica 1.5 points behind Hiarcs !! are 3rd and 4th with only 6 points.

Ed Schröder, unable to defend the
the title, ranked 5th with 5.5 points.

Fritz playing under the name Quest
got 5.5 out of 9, is 2 points behind
Hiarcs on rank 7.

Mchess only 9th, is too slow 1993.
Tony Marsland, ICCA president
and the price for the winner.
Alexander Kure, chess consultant of the Nimzo-Team,
arguing with IM Bernd Kohlweyer about the game
that is talked about.
IM Bernd Kohlweyer
commenting the games to the public.
Speaking into a micro,
people watching the game on a television-screen with chess-base screen-output
very nice guy from munich:
programmer of Breakthrough, Werner Koch
Chrilly Donninger, programmer of Nimzo.
Reinhold Gelner, programmer of Nightmare.
Berthold Seifriz, in those times boss of
Gambit-Soft, software-distributor and at this time also operator of Mchess. Gambit-Soft sold Mchess exclusively in those times.
"Stranger from outer Space"
Chris Whittington, programmer of
Chess System Tal visits the championship and negotiates with Gambit-Soft boss Berthold Seifriz.

Chris reminds me a little at
König Drosselbart at those times.
Somebody from the left made a good joke
about ChessBase...
Berthold Seifritz operates Mchess
and gets asked by the public:

When can we buy Mchess?
Why is it playing that weak ?

Berthold finds excuses:
"the machine is slow,
the program is slow too.
i am getting old too"
IM Bernd Kohlweyer in action: "no - not a good
move at this stage!"
Bernd has today 2420 ELO .
1993 this strength was enough to comment the programs play. Today it would be more difficult for Bernd. He plays a little in the style of Petrosian.
In german we call this: Figurenschieber !
"Marx and Engels", "Head and arm!"
Frederic Friedel, Builder of ChessBase and Computer-Schach & Spiele, listening to Dieter Steinwender. Dieter, who is in charge for the contents and the work in Computer-Schach & Spiele, gives a report to his boss.
"The pope of computerchess and the Antichrist" , the unperson Chris Whittington, or "Dark and light visitors"
having a small talk about business,
the chess-scene and ...
In front:
Wolfgang Delmare, programmer of Check-Check (right on the chair) and his girl friend in Partner-look,

In backgroud in the middle: Jörg Burwitz, programmer of Diogenes
Sitting left to Jörg is computer-tester Karsten Bauermeister.
Hiarcs 7 CD:
Program was sold 1998, developed by Mark J. Uniacke,
David R. Hatchett and Clive Thompson
The version 8 from  april 26th 2002,

Thanks to Mark Uniacke, Eric Hallsworth and...

ChessBase !

Booklet of the old but Classic Hiarcs
(b.CB = before ChessBase)
complete Hiarcs-family team at work !!
Marc-Francois Baudot and the Hiarcs-Family in The
Haag at the Aegon-Tournament
GM Jan Timman, simultaneous against Hiarcs7 (DOS) and others, Karsten Bauermeister operates.
Vishi Anand simultaneous against Hiarcs7 (DOS) and other programs. Mark himself operates.
Son kiebitzes in the left corner of the photograph
listening music with a headset ! WOW !!
The microphone of a television-camera team is hanging like a damocles sword high above them.
How was the feeling Mark ??
Son listens to the music :-)))
better than chess?
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